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One of the most important parts of the manager’s workflow is “decision making”, and in this article I will talk about a few methods and techniques of decision making.

First of all, I would like to mention that in this article, as in many articles on this subject, I could talk about making the right decision, but here I would like to point out that no matter how much you read about this subject, you do not always have the opportunity to make the right decisions, even if you apply the methods and techniques I have written here. There is no problem in making “wrong” decisions, as long as you realize your responsibility in this situation and take action to flexibly correct this wrong decision.

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Determine the Element to be Decided

It is not always necessary to make a decision on every situation, and if making the decision is related to your position and responsibilities here, prepare yourself a “policy of importance” in choosing and identifying elements worth deciding. According to this policy of importance, if the point to be decided is not your responsibility and if it is not an area of your own mission, do not hesitate to let the people responsible for that element take these decisions. If everyone decides in the areas where they spend the most time and have the most experience, this will turn into a healthier decision-making mechanism, and everyone will have the chance to concentrate on the decisions in their own field.

Take Your Time

In some cases, you may have to make quick decisions, and here you can benefit from previous decisions and experiences, but usually you will not be in a position to make decisions quickly when deciding on the most important points in your field, at least you should try not to fall into a situation like that. Because before you decide, give yourself and the element to be decided time. Some of our decisions can change within hours or days when we get the chance to focus on the element to be decided. Don’t be afraid of this change, it happens because you think about every issue down to the smallest detail and you can make healthier decisions thanks to this change.


If you have the chance to research, do not miss this golden decision-making technique. Today, we have the Internet, which is very valuable if used correctly. Everything is at hand, as long as you do not hesitate to search for the answers, you may not always find the right answers, but you will still get a few more information that will help you make a decision here.

Ask And Consult

There is nothing wrong with consulting others and getting their opinion. There are experienced people you can consult here, you can ask your colleagues or simply your family as well. Thanks to these consultations and exchanges of ideas, you will be able to gain different perspectives and include these perspectives in your decisions.

Be Flexible

This point is mostly valid after the decision-making phase, but I wanted to include this issue here as it is directly related to making new decisions. People generally do not hesitate to judge people who have reverted from their decisions and made new decisions, but they do not know that the person who can do this is a person who has an open mind and does not have ego problems. If your decisions did not lead to the results you wanted or if you do not make new decisions and change your decision as soon as you realize that you have made the wrong decision, it would not be wrong to say that you have a lack of self-confidence.

Take Responsibility

In short, stand behind your decisions, whether your decisions are positive or negative, in both cases, you can say that I made this decision and I am responsible. Especially if you don’t take responsibility for your “wrong” decisions, reconsider whether you should be in that decision making position. It is not easy to make decisions and bear the consequences, especially in large companies, the decisions in your field can be of great importance. I say act by being aware of this difficulty, its cons and its plus and take responsibility accordingly.

Finally, “You” have to make the final decisions in your field, because when your decision is negative, you will be the responsible person and naturally others will see you responsible as well. After that time, instead of saying I decided this way because of this or that, have the courage to say yes, I did and I couldn’t get the result I wanted.

There is much more to be written on the subject of decision making, but I will not prolong this article, I will return to this subject in my upcoming articles.

“Be a good person.”




Here to share my experiences in the fields I am related to — ilgili olduğum alanlardaki tecrübelerimi paylaşmak için buradayım.

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Bertan Bekgec

Bertan Bekgec

Here to share my experiences in the fields I am related to — ilgili olduğum alanlardaki tecrübelerimi paylaşmak için buradayım.

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